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  • A Question of Certification

    Rainforest Alliance’s recent Follow the Frog week helps to raise the profile of sustainably produced products, but does it go far enough? Are truly sustainable products rewarded enough in the market place? At the moment an often simple one-size fits all mentality is applied to sustainable certifications, but is it time to differentiate and award […]

    23 September 2014
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  • Solar Tea

    At the moment the world is highly dependent on fossil fuels for energy. There are three major issues which make this unsustainable. First, fossil fuels are very expensive, and only rising in price. Second Fossil fuels are finite and will eventually run out. Third and perhaps most importantly, they release large volumes of Carbon Dioxide […]

    9 September 2014
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  • Williamson Tea Foundation

    Williamson Tea are proud to announce the launching of the Williamson Tea Foundation website. Williamson Tea has been growing tea since 1869 and throughout five generations continues to farm sustainably. The Foundation funds projects that Williamson Tea undertakes as part of an instinctive commitment to caring for their farms and communities, a passion that goes […]

    13 August 2014
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  • Breakfast tea in cup and saucer

    Green Vs Black, A Common Misconception

    There’s a common misconception that green tea contains less caffeine than black with many health conscious consumers selecting a cup of green as part of their efforts to reduce their caffeine intake. As always with natural products the way is not clear cut. Black tea is generally made from Camelia Sinensis Assamica, whilst green from […]

    21 July 2014
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  • Black teapot with black cups

    A Question Of Caffeine

    “Life is short so stay awake for it” is the strap line of Caribou Coffee from America, but in todays fast lifestyle and a rising awareness of the components of food and drink, caffeine has gained a rather mixed and muddled image. But what exactly is Caffeine and what does it do? Caffeine is a […]

    9 July 2014
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  • Three cups of tea

    Tea not just a commodity…

    Tea is an ever present component of British and global culture. According to the UK Tea Association Britons consume an average 2.6 cups of tea each day, making a staggering 165million cups countrywide per day! As a nation a tea break is an essential part of everyday life but despite our obvious affinity for the […]

    23 June 2014
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