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  • image of sunrise over williamson tea fields

    Terra Carta: For Nature, People & Planet

    We are proud to be standing and committing to the statements of the Terra Carta putting nature, people and the planet first…

    19 January 2021
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  • Tinderet tea fields with a grey sky

    Mole Control on the Farms

    This month on the Tinderet farm trials have begun a trial to naturally control the destructive burrows of the African mole rat. The small indigenous mammals can burrow up to 15 feet an hour creating a maze of burrows that disrupt soil stability, plant roots and cause havoc in the tea fields.  The Tephrosia vogelii, a […]

    27 January 2020
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  • Spring Sale!

    Brighten up your kitchen and your day with one of our signature caddies. … We’re celebrating the sunshine with a SPRING SALE of 20% OFF ALL ELEPHANT CADDIES! Simply input code – SPRING20 – at checkout to receive your discount. Be sure to treat yourself as our sale ends shortly!

    10 May 2018
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  • Know where your tea comes from this National Tea Day

    This National Tea Day we want to encourage transparency in where your tea comes from. In a time when we are questioning supply chains and their ecological impact more than ever we believe in customers knowing where their tea is from. All our tea is grown on our four Kenyan farms, each with their own […]

    20 April 2018
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  • New Year, New You?

    Like every January our papers, twitter feeds and online browsing is dominated by “New Year, New You!” slogans. Although this kind of pressure isn’t beneficial New Year does give us time to reflect and set some positive goals for the year. As farmers we are always looking forward to ensure the best possible outcomes so […]

    3 January 2018
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  • Little Acts of Kindness

    THE WEATHER’S GETTING COLDER… With the winter season upon us and festivities around the corner, we take a little time to reflect on the good we can do. As a company we are always pushing the boundaries of sustainability and positive impact, but as individuals we like to start the season with little acts of kindness. […]

    13 November 2017
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  • What do the antioxidants in tea really mean?

    We often hear the word “antioxidants” when talking about the health benefits of tea, but what really are they and is this just a buzz word? Antioxidants are molecules that inhibit and protect other molecules from oxidation. Oxidation is a natural chemical reaction, however oxidation is encouraged by stress, poor diets and pollution making it […]

    6 November 2017
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  • Williamson Tea x Boden Tea Parties

    We’ve teamed up with quintessentially British company, Boden on their new season of shopping parties! Boden Shopping Parties offer the opportunity for customers to, see, try, touch and buy our latest range in person in the comfort of their own homes surrounded by friends. All this… along with discounts and gifts too! What’s not to […]

    4 October 2017
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  • Farm Notes from September

    With extreme weather patterns seeming to be the topic of the news this month, our farms too have suffered. On Changoi farm, otherwise known as our sunshine farm due to it’s typically bright weather and home to the largest solar panel park in east Africa, we have experienced extreme hail storms. These unexpectedly sudden storms, […]

    19 September 2017
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  • Farm Notes from August

    Within our Tinderet farm, known as place of lightening for its frequent violent storms, we have been furthering our sustainability by preventing soil erosion through the targeted planting of native trees along key water catchment and flow areas. These trees bind the soil together and reduce soil erosion, as well as regulating the flow of […]

    22 August 2017
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  • Cold Brew Tea

    With the last flushes of summer upon us we like to enjoy our tea on the cooler side. Cold brew tea is traditional to lots of cultures whether it’s Chinese oolong, iced matcha lattes or a classic American iced tea enjoying tea cool is the perfect way to stretch out summer. Although hot tea actually cools […]

    16 August 2017
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  • Launching our NEW T – TONICS

    LAUNCHING OUR NEW RANGE OF T – TONICS!  We are thrilled to announce the launch of our latest range of T – Tonics! Created especially with your health and wellbeing in mind, our T – Tonics combine our signature single estate black teas with subtle, aromatic natural fruit flavours. Try our new…. Black Tea with Peach Black […]

    18 July 2017
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