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New Year, New You?

Like every January our papers, twitter feeds and online browsing is dominated by “New Year, New You!” slogans. Although this kind of pressure isn’t beneficial New Year does give us time to reflect and set some positive goals for the year.

As farmers we are always looking forward to ensure the best possible outcomes so this year instead of giving up things we encourage a few small positive changes that throughout the year make a big difference.


A few small ways this year you can make a difference –

  • Choose to support farmers and companies that promote sustainable farming practices. Not only is this better for you to experience good produce but it is better for the world!
  • Choose to support independent companies where there is more transparency and know where your products come from.
  • Drink Yerba Matte & Green Tea . This tea is high in antioxidants called flavanoids, these are hugely beneficial for our health and longevity. Even a cup of green tea a day is thought to have positive long – term impact on our health. You can read more about what antioxidants really mean on our farm blog.
  • Use less plastic. We are becoming more aware of the harmful trace plastic leaves on our world so carry a reusable tote bag for your shopping rather than using disposable bags. We stock organic cotton tote bags for this exact reason to encourage less wastage!
  • Support a charity. Our chosen charity is The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust for the work they do in Kenya. With £1 from each of our caddies being donated we have been incredibly excited and humbled to see the positive work that can do.
  • Take time to yourself. In todays hectic world we can often forget to enjoy the quiet moments. For us it is about sitting down for an uninterrupted cup of tea and really savouring the moment, we encourage you to do the same!