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Our Teas

‘Rich in colour, depth and taste our teas exemplify what a good cup of Kenyan tea should be.’
Changoi Farm Manager

What Makes Our Tea Different

4 Indivdual Farms

Each with unique soils and microclimates that create distinctive liquors with character, depth and colour.

Unique Tea Bush Varietiess

Tea starts in the field and our prize winning unique tea bush varieties help us to produce teas with exceptional quality and flavour.

Pesticide Free

The high altitude of our farms means that we do not use any chemical pesticides or herbicides on our tea fields.

Unique Manufacture Techniques

Meticulous attention to detail combined with 150 years of experience in growing and producing fine teas.

State of the Art Technology

New technology allows us to monitor our fields, harvest only the finest leaf and produce teas of the very highest quality.

Carbon Clear Tea

Through our use of renewable energy, emission reduction and widespread tree planting we are working towards all of our teas being ‘Carbon Clear’ for a truly sustainable future of tea production.

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Fresh, bright and brisk teas straight from our farms.