About Us

A Kenyan Business

Williamson Tea Kenya is a public limited company in Kenya.

We represent thousands of shareholders and stakeholders throughout Kenya.

Our four farms are found West of the Rift Valley, where we are part of a vibrant interconnected network of smallholder farmers, their families, contractors, communities and the wider rural economy.

Over the last decades we have assisted our smallholder farmers to scale up their productivity. A programme to encourage sustainable growth that has been so successful that our business model and those of local communities has fundamentally changed.

Over 60% of the tea we produce is manufactured from the green leaf purchased from over 10,000 smallholder farmers in a competitive open market. The huge direct and indirect financial contribution that this business model provides to rural communities and the Kenyan economy is difficult to underestimate. We are proud that over 80,000 people are part of this vibrant business success.

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