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Energising Yerba Mate & Green Tea


Yerba Mate & Green Tea 20 Loose Leaf Teabags


An energizing blend of fresh green tea from the slopes of Tinderet and Yerba Mate that creates the perfect pick me up for a busy lifestyle.

Tinderet’s unique microclimate produces green teas of note. You can almost taste the rain soaked slopes and feel the uplift from the combination of green tea an Argentinian Yerba Mate.

Brewing Advice

Use freshly boiled water and allow to brew for 2-3 minutes or longer if preferred.

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Bush To Cup Transparency


Our Yerba Mate & Green Tea combines delicious invigorating green tea from Tinderet, processed on farm and then packed into loose leaf teabags with Argentinan Yerba Mate. We source our Yerba Mate from trusted farms who share our own sustainability values. For each pack we put aside fund for our Foundation to invest into projects on each farm.

Bush to cup transparency