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  • International Tea Day

    As the most consumed drink after water tea is enjoyed by billions of people worldwide. Long hailed for its comforting and reviving properties the history of tea goes back to antiquity. The first century author Shen Nong recorded the stimulating properties of the tea as giving ‘joy to the body and sparkle to the eyes’. With millions […]

    21 May 2024
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  • New Year, New You?

    Like every January our papers, twitter feeds and online browsing is dominated by “New Year, New You!” slogans. Although this kind of pressure isn’t beneficial New Year does give us time to reflect and set some positive goals for the year. As farmers we are always looking forward to ensure the best possible outcomes so […]

    3 January 2018
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  • What do the antioxidants in tea really mean?

    We often hear the word “antioxidants” when talking about the health benefits of tea, but what really are they and is this just a buzz word? Antioxidants are molecules that inhibit and protect other molecules from oxidation. Oxidation is a natural chemical reaction, however oxidation is encouraged by stress, poor diets and pollution making it […]

    6 November 2017
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  • Williamson Tea x Boden Tea Parties

    We’ve teamed up with quintessentially British company, Boden on their new season of shopping parties! Boden Shopping Parties offer the opportunity for customers to, see, try, touch and buy our latest range in person in the comfort of their own homes surrounded by friends. All this… along with discounts and gifts too! What’s not to […]

    4 October 2017
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  • How many calories in a cup of tea?

    Tea is one of the healthiest beverages, consumed by millions of people across the world daily. Although we know about the health benefits of tea we often get asked the question – how many calories in a cup of tea? So we consulted our Nutritionist about this. Green and Black Teas are considered a low […]

    29 August 2017
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  • Cold Brew Tea

    With the last flushes of summer upon us we like to enjoy our tea on the cooler side. Cold brew tea is traditional to lots of cultures whether it’s Chinese oolong, iced matcha lattes or a classic American iced tea enjoying tea cool is the perfect way to stretch out summer. Although hot tea actually cools […]

    16 August 2017
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  • T – Tonics – Black Tea with Berry Infusion

    Our Black Tea with Berry Infusion blends fresh, fragrant black tea from our Kapchoura farm with a deep, fruity infusion of berries. Kapchoura’s lofty mountain ridges grow bright, brisk black teas pairing well with tones of cranberries, juicy strawberries and pops of berry sweetness. The antioxidant rich berry infusion bursts on the tongue with natural […]

    2 August 2017
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  • T – Tonics – Black Tea with Apple & Spice

    Our Black Tea with Apple & Spice combines subtle and fragrant black tea plucked from the high altitude ridge lines of our Kapchoura farm with the rich aroma of sweet apple and spices. Kapchorua is recognized as growing brisk black teas with distinctive floral high notes, due to it’s elevated climate perfect for pairing with […]

    31 July 2017
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  • T – Tonics – Black Tea with Peach

    Our Black Tea with Peach features fine tea leaves plucked from the fields brushing the forest edge on our Kaimosi farm infused with juicy peaches. This equatorial forest climate creates crisp, bright tea with a distinctive taste that pair well with our subtly flavored teas, such as our Earl Grey and Duchess Grey. The juicy, […]

    25 July 2017
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  • Mindfulness & Tea

    To us tea isn’t just a drink, it’s a moment. A moment to reflect, relax or just take a breath. In our increasingly hectic lives tea has always offered a source comfort. Spanning cultures and countries, it is an unspoken way of offering kindness and connection. Mindfulness is an ancient practice and means being in […]

    27 June 2017
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  • What really is caffeine?

    Perhaps your cup of tea is the only thing that helps cut through the morning fuzz, or what wakes you up no matter how many times you snooze your alarm. Alertness and mental acuity are often most thought about when we consider caffeine and about 90% of Western adults consume a caffeinated beverage everyday. But […]

    21 June 2017
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  • How to be more sustainable.

    Sustainability = sustain + ability. Simply put this means the quality of not being harmful to the environment or depleting natural resources. Therefore supporting and promoting the long – term ecological balance of our world. Sustainability to us as farmers is on a large scale, we care about the land we grow our tea bushes […]

    5 June 2017
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