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International Tea Day

As the most consumed drink after water tea is enjoyed by billions of people worldwide. Long hailed for its comforting and reviving properties the history of tea goes back to antiquity. The first century author Shen Nong recorded the stimulating properties of the tea as giving ‘joy to the body and sparkle to the eyes’.

With millions of families involved in the growing and processing of tea, it is not just a healthy and enjoyable drink but a way of life and we hope that you will join us in celebrating International Tea Day on 21st May


Tea Power

Drinking tea can contribute to a healthy diet through its contribution of valuable polyphenols. Growing evidence supports the finding that a daily dose of flavonoids could provide anti-inflammatory effects, reduce risk of cardiovascular disease and prevent muscle loss.
Studies suggest that within the flavonoids group a sub-type called flan-3-ols hold the key to delivering health benefits. In 2023 the American Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics published the first dietary recommendation of flan-3-ols, with a recommended daily intake of 400-600mg/day.
To illustrate tea’s superpower, drinking 4 cups a day is an easy way to reach this dietary recommendation!
(Copy & image from FAO-IGG/TEA)