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Mindfulness & Tea

To us tea isn’t just a drink, it’s a moment. A moment to reflect, relax or just take a breath. In our increasingly hectic lives tea has always offered a source comfort. Spanning cultures and countries, it is an unspoken way of offering kindness and connection.

Mindfulness is an ancient practice and means being in the moment; paying attention to the present experience and having awareness in our actions. It can be a way to relax the mind from a constant hubbub of noise and break the habit of performing routines on autopilot. It has also been shown to be beneficial for anxiety, depression and has numerous health positives.

It can be difficult to meditate or know how to start, so building peace and moments of mindfulness into your day to day routine can feel less intimidating. Tea ceremonies have traditionally been a long standing ritual of thoughtfulness but even turning your tea break into a time of being mindful can be a great place to start.

Obviously, the actions of making tea can be however you like your cup of tea to be, the important thing is to be in the moment and pay attention to the senses of your actions.

  • > Take a break from work or distractions to make a cup of tea, allow yourself to get away from your desk, stretch your legs and remove yourself from screens or thoughts of work.
  • > While you boil your kettle, pay attention to the environment you are in. Take the time to focus on your task and if it feels right take some deep breaths to relax.
  • > While making your tea, don’t rush the process, enjoy it. Take time to notice the water taking on the rich colour of the tea. Notice how you like to take your tea, ideally brewing time is 3 – 5 minutes allow yourself to take this time and fully relax.
  • > While enjoying your tea, if you have the time take it to a quiet spot and really take time to slowly drink and enjoy your tea. If timing does not allow then be sure to savour each sip of tea at your desk as a little mini break.