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The Williamson Tea Journey: From BushToCup



#BushToCup… via Sun, Storms & Elephants

As the Kenyan sun drops beyond the rolling hills of Tinderet, it’s easy to appreciate why this part of the world grows some the best teas available.

Our ‘Tinderet’ farm, literally translated as ‘The Lightening Place’, has well-drained, acidic soils and regular storms, giving its leaves a crisp freshness. The unique mix of hillside forests, equatorial sunshine, frequent rainfall and the odd meandering elephant mean, Tinderet’s tea is packed with antioxidants and has a truly calming quality.


The Jungle, Green Nature & Green Tranquillity caddies all feature the Williamson Pure Green Tea, one of the varieties grown on the rolling fields of Tinderet, where  skilled artisans pluck each leaf individually by hand.

We choose to hand pick our loose leaf teas in the cool of the dawn, allowing careful selection of only the finest two leaves and a bud from each bush, to ensure that all the natural properties of the leaves are kept fully intact.

The leaves are then dried without fermentation, sealing in the antioxidants and full flavour. Once it’s packed and shipped for our customers to enjoy, we get to sit down and enjoy a cup of our own.

As tea farmers we are unique, as we carry out every part of the process from #BushToCup. It’s the reason Williamson Teas have become renowned for their impeccable quality and characteristic flavours.