Williamson Tea Foundation

13 August 2014

Williamson Tea are proud to announce the launching of the Williamson Tea Foundation website.

Williamson Tea has been growing tea since 1869 and throughout five generations continues to farm sustainably. The Foundation funds projects that Williamson Tea undertakes as part of an instinctive commitment to caring for their farms and communities, a passion that goes far beyond the simple standards set by certification bodies.



Combining the needs of modern, dynamic agriculture without compromising the ability of future generations to enjoy the same unique conditions that Kenya offers tea farmers today is viewed as an essential mantra of Williamson Tea and with the effects of climate change and a rapidly expanding population the pressure on land in Africa is greater than ever before.

The Foundation invests in both social and environmental projects that aim to improve the farms to the benefits of both those that grow our tea and the land on which it grows. Health care and education is provided to thousands of farmers, their families and children, combating the challenges felt by rural communities in a modern age.
The foundation invests in farming models that are productive, resilient and resource efficient for the future. It has invested significantly into renewable energy sources, solar photovoltaic and hydro-power systems, whilst actively seeks to encourage climate smart agriculture, carbon sequestration and conservation of water, soils and other natural resources.

As farmers and guardians of the land, the Williamson Tea Foundation ensures that every pack of Williamson Tea helps sustain communities and ecosystems for generations to come.

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