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Give Thoughtfully This Christmas

Christmas Collection 1

Sustainably grown and ethnically made, feel good about the gifts you buy this Christmas.

Christmas comes but once a year, although admittedly it does seem to have a longer and longer run up each year as the major retailers rush to have the first Christmas tv advert! With our partnership with the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust (DSWT) and our ‘Tea for Elephants’ initiative, in which we donate £1 from each Elephant caddy sold via our website, we hope customers will give thoughtfully this Christmas, supporting our efforts to keep elephants wandering in the wild!

Williamson tea cups donation-21st Oct 2015

Whist Christmas may come once a year the work our artisans and Williamson Tea Foundation carries on 365 days a year, tending soils, nurturing tea bushes through inclement weather, maintaining natural forests and wild habitats, as well as withstanding political and other external pressures. It’s non stop but we believe all contributes to the unique taste and character of our teas and part of the reason we hope you enjoy drinking them! So give thoughtfully this Christmas and spare a thought as you sip a warming cup of tea for all those that work hard to make it from bush to cup!

Changoi farm, Kenya.