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Nurturing a Way of Life

As Tea Farmers, the environment is at the forefront of our minds when producing the best quality tea possible, as environmental issues can often have a direct effect on the teas we create.

Our tea bushes are nurtured from planting to picking. They need rich fertile soils, regular rainfall and a warming sun to achieve the flavoursome, nutrient-packed teas with which Williamson Tea has become synonymous.

All our farms work in perfect harmony with their local environment and we use the latest agricultural techniques to make sure our impact on the land is a positive one. This mixture of nature and technology gives us a sustainable environment that will cater for many generations to come.

As farmers we see ourselves as guardians of the land we work. This is why we created the Williamson Tea Foundation, ensuring our farms and the communities surrounding them share this principle well into the future.

Dawn Rise Over Tinderet
Dawn Rise Over Tinderet

Our four farms, Kapchorua, Kaimosi, Tinderet & Changoi, each have their own unique characteristics and we treat their environments as key ingredients to creating a diverse range of tea flavours.

The high altitude farm, Kapchorua ,maintains the health of the environment by having three main wetlands which support a variety of animal and plant life. Kapchorua is home to crested canes, wild ducks, herons, king fishers, frogs, eagles, plus a vast assortment of plant life.

Kaimosi, our Forest farm, makes the most of the natural forest protection, providing a gentle growing environment that gives Kaimosi teas their own distinctive flavours.

Conservation is a crucial aspect at all of our farms, and none more so than Kaimosi, where we share the diverse landscape with a wide range of wildlife, including vervet monkeys, hare and jackals.

Our other two farms, Tinderet (‘Lightening Farm’) and Changoi (‘Solar Farm’) also make the most of the varying weather conditions to bring freshness and flavour to every tea leaf.

All of these aspects combined allow us to produce the finest and most distinctive teas for our customers to enjoy.

Williamson Tea Foundation

The Williamson Tea Foundation works hard to make sure the farms remain a safe host to the diverse wildlife, as well as being a fantastic place to grow brilliantly unique teas.

We are immensely proud of the work carried out by the Williamson Tea Foundation and, through it, we will continue to introduce community and environmental projects that provide long-term benefit to those that nurture our tea and the land in which it grows.