Climate Sensitive Farming

Williamson Tea take great pride in being a modern dynamic tea farming business. We have consistently invested in modern technology, climate smart agriculture, carbon sequestration and the conservation of water, soils and natural resources to create a farming system that is sustainable, productive, resilient and resource efficient for the future.

Trees Planted

We are actively planting native trees on our farms to prevent soil erosion as well as improve surrounding environments and climates. To date we have planted 167,804 indigenous trees.

Soil Preservation

We have focused on indigenous plant diversity, tree cover to provide wind protection, organic irrigation systems and forest protection as some of the projects to preserve and improve soil quality.

Crop Monitoring

We are also adopting new farming technologies. Satellite mapping gathers crucial information on how the changing climate is affecting the growth of our tea bushes and allows us to improve our farming practices, utilising our resources more efficiently and sustainably.

Solar Parks

Our Changoi factory is powered entirely by renewable energy created from the farm’s solar park, which produces 1,6000,000kWh of electricity per year.

Smart Energy

Using high performance Tesla powerpacks allows us to store energy from our solar parks and generate electricity for our self-consumption.

Climate Adaptive Agriculture

With a warming planet and increasingly extreme weather, Williamson Tea is actively planting and developing drought resistant tea bushes and natural wind breaks that reduce bush transpiration.

Renewable Projects

We invest in renewable sustainable projects from a micro and macro level. Large scale projects include our 1MWp solar park at Changoi, and our new 1.5MWp solar park at Kaimosi East Africa’s largest solar park. Smaller but equally important projects include creating wildlife corridors of forest through our farms and the recent installation of beehives in our wetlands.

Our Aims

Our aim is through sustainable regenerative farming practices we can create tea that not only offsets its own carbon creation but creates a ‘carbon credit’. An environmentally positive deficit of carbon to reduce historical carbon created. Each cup of tea grown leaving the world a better place than it found it.

Carbon Sequested

Our tea, and tree cover sequester carbon and help preserve our soils as we focus on ever greater sustainable farming methods. We know that very significant quantities are sequestered but as the science and methods of calculation are constantly developing we do not at this stage think it right to put an exact figure on the carbon sequestered.

Renewable Energy Generated

Our Changoi factory is powered entirely by renewable energy created from the farms solar park creating on average 1,6000,000KWh of electricity per year. Enough to power 160 million lightbulbs!

Carbon Neutral Offices & Farms

Our offices and farms utilise the renewable energy created by solar power to power our manufacturing, vehicles and office spaces.

Trees & Grasslands Planted

Williamson Tea has planted over 317 hectares of indigenous trees and grassland along water courses and rainfall catchment zones. Maintaining and conserving 158 hectares of primeval rainforest of the Nandi Hills and stabilising soils from erosion and sequestering carbon.

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