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Tinderet trials Enviro-Loo

As part of the Williamson Tea Foundation’s on going efforts to improve the sustainability of each of our farms and the lives of the many families that call them home, we are delighted to be trialing a set of new Enviro-Loos.

Enviro-Loo’s are the market leaders in sustainable, off grid, dry sanitation. Developed in South Africa, Enviro-Loos use sun and wind to transform human waste into a safe stabilised sanitation system without the use of water, electricity or chemicals. A truly sustainable and renewable solution. In fact just one Enviro-Loo can save up to 420,000 litres of water annually compared to alternatives.

You know you can trust Williamson Tea, the best tea farms in the world to deliver not only the world’s best tea but also truly sustainable, modern farming.


The sign of the Williamson Tea Foundation, a sign that sets the world’s best tea company apart from others and gives you confidence in truly sustainable tea.