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Wild Honey from our Sustainable Farms

wild honey, honey

Honey has been valued as a sweetener since early times and is popular throughout the world as an addition to the everyday cuppa, particularly if no milk is used.

In the natural environment honeybees forage wherever they can, taking advantage of local abundances of particular species at different times of the year. With the increase in urbanisation and intensification of agriculture humans have altered the landscape across a large proportion of the globe. As a result less food sources available to honeybees and this combined with the wide use of pesticides in agricultural crops have seen numbers reduce dramatically.

As part of our commitment to sustainable farming we don’t apply pesticides or herbicides, ensuring not only that our teas and land are chemical free, but that beneficial insects, such as the honeybee, are not killed. Further to our desire to encourage natural species we have located a number of honeybee hives along the forested areas of the farms. From here the honeybees can venture both into the crops and also the wild wooded sections, providing food sources throughout the year.

We’re very excited that the first batch of 2016 has now been collected and we hope to have it available online soon!