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The Virtues of Green Tea

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“Tea comforts the spirit, banishes passivity, lightens the body and adds sparkle to the eyes.” Shen Nong, Medicinal Herbs.

Ever since Shen Nong discovered the stimulating and detoxifying properties of tea over 4,000 years ago, people have been interested in its health and wellbeing properties. It was these properties that first made tea popular as it was considered to be medicinal. It was believed that its bitter taste stimulated wakefulness, good overall health and the acquisition of great wisdom.

Whilst the stimulating, diuretic and antibacterial properties of tea were recognised thousands of years ago it has only relatively recently that modern science has confirmed these benefits. Today it is the antioxidant properties of tea that have particular interest in the health and wellness sector. Polyphenols in particular catechins help to prevent cell damage, most notably cellular membrane breakdown due to stressors such as smoke, pollution and viruses.

Green teaappears to have higher polyphenol count than black tea due to the dehydration process used in the processing of the tea leaves. These high levels of antioxidants has made dramatically increased green teas popularity in the West in the last few years.

All of our green teas are grown on our Tinderet farm. We find the high altitude, frequently rain soaked ridge lines and distinctive liquors that the teas produced on this farm work best as simple, natural green teas.

Whilst simple is often best, we also enjoy our Earl Grey, flavoured with a bespoke oil of Bergamot to give that distinctive citrus zest, so have combined our fresh green teas with our unique oil to creat a cleansing and delicious Earl Grey Green. We highly recommend it!




Tinderet farm, Kenya.