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Steep. Sip. Savour.

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 After water tea is the most widely consumed drink in the world. Tea has a rich heritage and has defined countries, history and culture, one of the factors in teas long running success is its simplicity.

One Bud, Two Leaves.

All types of pure tea are from the same plant, Latin name, Camelia Sinensis. A single bud and two leaves are picked from the top of the bush by hand to make tea.
Kenya is often described as the perfect place to grow tea as the equatorial climate, with its warm days and rainy afternoons means that the same bush can be plucked repeatedly throughout the year. Differing from other tea growing countries such as India whose Monsoonal climate allows just two plucking round as year.

Different Teas.
We make several different types of tea from our farms, working with our Master Blender to identify the individual characteristics from each farm that lent themselves to producing particular types of tea.
black tea, tea
Black Tea
Our black teas are bold, complex and strong. They are rolled, fermented and oxidised before being fired to halt further fermentation.
Black teas from Kaimosi, particularly those from beside the surrounding forest edges, have a thickness to them that combines perfectly with our oil of Bergamots to produce our Earl and Duchess Grey teas.
Whilst black teas grown on the high altitude ridgelines of Kapchoura are delicious in their own right, expressing floral high notes and a complex flavour.
green tea, tea, green
Green Tea
Our green teas are grown and produced solely on Tinderet. Here the regular rain storms make for teas with particular freshness and natural cleansing properties.
Hand plucked the leaves are rolled and dried without fermentation to seal in the high levels of beneficial antioxidants and brisk taste.
purple tea, tea, purple
Purple Tea
Grown on our ‘solar farm’ Changoi, to maximise the sunlight these special bushes receive. Purple tea has a mellow character and distinctive nutty taste.
Like green teas, purple tea leaves are hand plucked, rolled and dried without fermentation, again maintaining the very high levels of anythocyanins that can help with health and wellbeing.
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