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Start The Year With A Natural Cleanse

Williamson Tea would like to wish you a very happy and healthy 2017.

A new year often starts with great fitness, health and gym resolutions, which if you’re like us have fallen by the wayside come the end of January.

However matcha is a great and easy way to add a bit of ‘health and wellbeing’ to your daily routine. It’s easy to drink, either in the traditional way of whisking into a broth or simply added to food, juice or smoothies. Once consumed the beneficial antioxidants actively seek out harmful free radicals in the body, leading matcha to often being touted as a miracle food.

Keen for a refill or want to try some different matcha varieties? We now have 30g refill packs available in our Kenyan Green, Purple and delicious Lesla White Matcha. Grown on the famous Lelsa section of our ‘solar farm’ Changoi, White Matcha has a light and exquisite flavour, perfect for those with more delicate tastes.Mini Matcha Elephant CaddySo start the year with a healthy kick or alternatively just add our matcha caddies to your herd, with their oriental design they’re kind of cute after all!