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First Lady’s Half Marathon In Support of ‘Beyond Zero’

PhotoGrid_1457334453462[1]The Williamson Tea team in Kenya proudly took part in the recent First Lady’s Half Marathon in support of the ‘Beyond Zero’ campaign, which is part of an initiative to promote the control of HIV and new born child health in Kenya, as well as encourage healthy lifestyles.

The costs of all the registrations were met by the Williamson Tea Foundation and no doubt fuelled by cups of our energising green and black teas, the team all completed the 1/2 marathon in fine style, quite an achievement.Half Marathon

The sustainability of a farm is as much about the soils, habitats and ecosystems as it is about the people that live there themselves. An active lifestyle is essential for long term health and encouraging young and old to take part events such as these is viewed as an important part of the Williamson Tea Foundation’s role.

Nandi and the areas local to the tea farms are renowned for producing some of the most famous Kenyan distance runners, so who knows maybe the next Olympic champion is training on our farms!