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Farm Notes from December

In the past month the farms have experienced generally colder days. Rainfall has been higher than previous years, much to the appreciation of the tea bushes after a dry summer! Although the weeks have been scattered with grey days the solar panels have collected enough energy to totally power the Changoi farm and tea factory during this period. Showing us that solar power doesn’t need blazing sunshine to provide stable and sustainable energy.


While the rest of the world may be slowing down with the anticipation of the Christmas season, activity and bustle for exciting projects commences on the farms. Construction has begun on an employee “tea room” on the Kaimosi farm. This will provide employees with a recreational space to relax and take a break, enjoying a cup of good quality tea between shifts! While on the Kapchorua farm the primary school has broken grounds on extending the staff room. The school, which is solely supported by the Williamson Tea Foundation, provides education without charge for those on the farms and their families, empowering and educating future generations. On a less glamorous, but no less vital note, the bathrooms across the Nyayo village in Changoi are being repaired and maintained providing safe, free sanitation for those in the area, again solely supported by the Williamson Tea Foundation. It is these essential services that are provided to improve the lives of employees and their families that are so important to Williamson Tea in creating sustainable, positive farming.