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No Time For Tea?

The world appears to spin at an ever increasing pace these days, with a frenetic stream of beeps, chirps and vibrations emitting from mobile phones and computers all clamouring for our attention. Time is precious and the tradition of stopping for an afternoon cup of tea is no longer part of normal life, a cuppa grabbed on the go or whilst sat at a desk is far more common.

But a return to old ways has begun, with a movement to encourage people to take a little ‘digital’ time off and what better way to spend that time than by having a relaxing and restorative cup of tea. After all the saying is ‘you can’t buy happiness but tea goes pretty close’!
In fact the tea market has grown hugely in recent years, with an ever expanding myriad of different varieties, herbal infusions and tissanes now available. Tea is quite rightfully no longer just tea, it varies from brisk high grown black teas, to cleansing purples, caffeine free mints and energising Yerba mates. The development of the loose leaf teabag means that high quality teas have probably never been more accessible, convenient or easier to brew.

So there really is no better time than now to stop for a cup of tea!

Kenyan Earth