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This month on Kapchoura farm

Lying on the Eastern slopes of the Nandi hills, Kapchorua is our highest altitude farm at close to 7,000 feet above sea level, it’s steep slopes are home to Kenya’s characteristic rich, dark reddish soils. The tea bushes grow slowly here leading to tea leaves with a brisk, sculpted flavour and bright, rich colour and taste.

Like all farmers we are greatly dependent on the weather, this year as you may have read about, rain in Kenya has been sparse and brief leading to stressed crops and drought across the country. Kapchoura’s upland location and rolling ridges provide some protection from the heat of the day however it is currently very dry and dusty across this entire region. The five eco-friendly dams that have been build across the farm have therefore been lifesaving for the local wildlife. Supporting the diverse wild populations of birds, insect, butterfly, monkeys and rainforest creatures who inhabit the farm with hydration and sustenance as well as supporting farming within the area.

This month we have also invested in a new stone crusher on the Kapchoura farm, although this may sound fairly unexciting to most people, the local communities as well as those on the farm were greatly excited by this latest development. Our stone crusher allows us to repair roads and pathways across the farm using our own on site waste materials, as opposed to using foreign materials therefore reducing our carbon footprints and making our farm even more sustainable.