What We Stand For

Williamson Tea represents four farms West of the Rift Valley in Kenya
Our aim is to grow and produce the world’s best teas.

Through a combination of cutting-edge tea growing and green leaf harvesting, unique manufacturing techniques and specialist technical knowledge Williamson Tea produces truly high-quality liquoring teas grown to the very highest sustainable and ethical standards.

As a forward thinking tea company we strive to use innovative technology to grow our teas, support our local communities and protect Kenya’s unique flora and fauna for generations to come.

We aim to offer our customers real value by producing teas with depth, body and cup.
Teas that our customers can be confident will perform to produce the perfect tasting cup of tea through their unrivalled liquors.

Our distinctive logo of the wandering African Elephant embodies the mark of good tea.
It symbolises high quality, traceable, sustainable and ethically produced tea that stands above all other tea brands.

It pays to buy good tea.

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