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Lifeboat Tea 80’s

As well as caring for our farms we also care about the RNLI, having raised money for nearly 40 years for the charity through our ‘Lifeboat Tea’. It’s truly a lifesaving cup of tea! Using brisk black teas from our Kapchorua Tea Farm, where the rich volcanic soils impart a strong flavour and distinctive high grown liquor.

80 Lifeboat tea Teabags 250g/8.8oz



All of our teas are naturally grown and pesticide free, offering complete transparency from bush to cup.


Grown on the high altitude slopes of Kapchorua and picked in the early morning sunshine.


A brisk strong, lifesaving cup of black tea.


For the ultimate cup of tea, use freshly boiled water and allow to brew for 2-3 minutes.

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