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Black Tea with Peach

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Fresh black tea picked from besides the forest that border our Kaimosi Tea farm infused with juicy peach to create cup full of flavour and fruit. Vitalising and boosting, this T-Tonic is full of flavour and as perfect for hot summer afternoons as watching the sunset with a comforting brew.

50 Black Tea with Peach teabags 100g/3.52oz

Minimum Order of 3 Boxes


Grown on fields beside the ancient forests that border Kaimosi.

Tea Type

A T-Tonic, infused with flavour and bursting with vitality

Brew Time

For the ultimate cup of tea, use freshly boiled water and allow to brew for 2-3 minutes.

Pesticide Free

All of our teas are naturally grown and pesticide free, offering complete transparency from Bush to Cup.

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