About Our Farms

Our farms are located in the heart of the Kenyan highlands. Here the climate is ideally suited to tea production; rich fertile soils, regular rainfall, a warming sun and pest free. As guardians of the land we are passionate about ensuring that future generations can enjoy these beautiful landscapes and natural habitats, all of our farms are managed holistically with the rhythms of nature.


Our Foundation

The Williamson Tea Foundation funds projects undertaken as part of this instinctive commitment to caring for our farms and communities. A passion that goes far beyond the simple standards set by certification bodies. We have given homes to thousands of our farmers and their families, provided clinics and given a good education to their children.

As well as supporting farmers the Foundation invests in climate smart agriculture, carbon sequestration and the conservation of water, soils and other natural resources. Creating farming models that are productive, resilient and resource efficient for the future.