At Williamson Tea we are deeply committed to caring for our farms and communities, a passion that has continued for over 150 years and has always gone well beyond the standards set by modern certification standards.

We have our own foundation: “The Williamson Tea Foundation” who funds projects to improve health and education facilities for communities on and around our farms.


    We have crucially provided 30,772 children with primary and secondary education, built 14 schools and voluntarily sponsored 647 students with their higher education. Our new initiative is to provide modern progressive education focusing on computer and technology skills to support new generations in the digital age.

  • Small Farmers Supported

    We support 9,882 small tea farmers and their families. These small businesses make up a large and vital part of the rural Kenyan economy. At our cost we provide independent agricultutral advice, subsidised tea bushes, fertiliser and ultimately a market for small farmers’ produce. We work hard to ensure everyone throughout the tea industry benefits.

  • Healthcare

    We provide healthcare free of charge to thousands of farmers, their families and children. Williamson Tea is proud to have built 4 healthcare centres serving 15,959 individuals within the surrounding rural communities with clinical access.

    We continue to run successful awareness and grassroots healthcare campaigns on issues such as nutrition, breast cancer awareness and mental health.

  • Local Communities

    Throughout Williamson Tea’s 150 years we have provided schools, water and facilities not just for our own farm’s communities but also people in the local areas. Independent community market places for local artisans, traders and shops have been built, helping to generate robust local economies. Donations to new enterprises are always being made, most recently personal protective equipment. Creating infrastructure for our communities and beyond is part of Williamson Teas history.

  • Equal Opportunities

    We have long been pioneering on equal employment rights and opportunities. Women and men occupy many positions on our farms and we carry out recruitment and strict protocols designed to ensure equal opportunities for all sexes and ethnicities. We offer continued training to employees ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to fulfil their potential.

  • Home Provided

    Unlike many industries Williamson Tea provides homes for farmers and their families. Purpose built villages with access to our schools, sanitation and healthcare facilities provide secure homes and communities for our farmers. Our current focus is to provide renewable solar lighting and power as part of our wider aim for Carbon Clear Tea.

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