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Green Matcha


30g Purple Matcha


Our Green Matcha is made from hand picked Ejulu tea leaves on our Tinderet farm.

Ejulu is a variety of tea unqiue to Williamson’s and is of a very high quality with distinctive small light green leaves that contain very high levels of antioxidants.

When stone ground to produce our Kenyan Matcha, a light and inspiring flavor is created.

Brewing Advice

Whisk into freshly boiled water until a fine coating of uniform bubbles are formed, allow to cool to taste and enjoy.

Alternatively try whisking into fresh fruit juice or adding to food.

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Bush To Cup Transparency


Matcha was introduced by Buddhist monks at the beginning of the first millennium and has been part of oriental culture ever since. One of the key features of matcha’s popularity is its ability to provide sustained focus and alertness as well as helping to create a feeling of health and wellbeing through the ingestion of beneficial antioxidants in the ground tea.

We believe customers should known where their teas are grown and what has happened to them all the way from bush to cup. Our Ejulu Matcha is grown on beautiful Tinderet, processed on farm in our own factory, then packed into our unique elephant gift caddies for you to enjoy.

Bush to cup transparency