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High Grown Kenyan Loose Caddy

This delightful tea is specially grown on the highest point of our Kapchorua farm nestled at over 6,000 feet in the highlands of Kenya. Our pickers catch the cool of the dawn to collect the finest tips of the bush. This is a wonderfully invigorating tea to savour at any time of the day.

High Grown Kenyan 100g/3.52oz Loose Tea


We favour aluminium for our Loose Tea Caddies as it is 100% recyclable, widely collected, and retains it’s properties for future use. It is one of the most sustainable packagings with 75% of all aluminium ever produced is still in use today.



All of our teas are naturally grown and pesticide free, offering complete transparency from bush to cup.


Grown on the high altitude slopes of Kapchorua over-looking the tea factory and fields


With high grown character this is a delicious tea made in batches to the traditional orthodox style.


For the ultimate cup of tea, use freshly boiled water and allow to brew for 2-3 minutes.

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