A rich and refreshing black tea blend, specially grown on our Kenyan farms. This full bodied tea can be enjoyed with milk at breakfast and throughout the day.

Tasting notes: Full of flavour with deep and coppery brightness.

A fresh and bright black tea blend, with natural Earl Grey flavour and grown exclusively on our own farms. This elegant tea is ideal for relaxing moments.

Tasting notes: Zesty and aromatic, our Earl Grey is literally bursting with the aroma of Mediterranean Bergamot oranges.

Rich and full of flavour, with all the characteristics of a high-grown tea, Traditional Afternoon is the perfect pick-me up for busy people everywhere.

Tasting Notes: A classic afternoon tea, with good body and full tea flavour notes, appealing golden colour.

Exclusive to Williamson Tea, Duchess Grey is made with tea grown on our Kaimosi farm, at 6,000 feet in the highlands of Kenya, and flavoured with aromatic citrus oils.

Tasting Notes: A well-balanced and aromatic black tea blend of unusual delicacy and craftsmanship.

Our Pure Green is made when we control the fermentation of the picked leaf as it comes from the fields. The delicate leaf is withered, and then dried quickly, with no fermentation allowed. This is a unique process designed to preserve all the natural antioxidants within the leaf making it, in our view, one of the healthiest green teas around.

Tasting Notes: A light yellow and floral cup, delivering a mellow and soothing taste.

Created by our own master blender, Williamson Special Blend is a refreshing black tea blended with a twang of green leaf, all from our high altitude farms in Kenya. This is a bright and robust tea for those special moments every day.

Tasting Notes: A tea of exceptional freshness and vitality. Beautiful golden colour and full of flavour.

This delightful tea is specially grown on the highest point of our Kapchorua farm nestled at over 6,000 feet in the highlands of Kenya. Our pickers catch the cool of the dawn to collect the finest tips of the bush. This is a wonderfully invigorating tea to savour at any time of the day.

Tasting Notes: An aromatic and satisfying black long leaf tea, producing a great delicate full flavour.

It's nice to know when you're drinking a lovely cup of tea that every sip is doing someone else some good too. For every pack sold, 7p will go to the RNLI, the charity that saves lives at sea. Lifeboat Tea is a single estate pure Kenyan tea, which has so far raised over £100,000 for a great cause.

To find out more, please visit the Lifeboat Tea website www.lifeboattea.co.uk

Tasting Notes: A real lifesaver! An everyday tea, full flavoured and deliciously refreshing.